Residents on the Pacheco side of the refinery may notice some extra activity at the facility in November as we do some maintenance work on that end of the plant.  This is planned work to upgrade our co-generation unit and install some equipment that will help us become more energy efficient.  

Through co-generation, Shell Martinez is able to produce almost all of the power needed to run the refinery.  The new equipment we will be installing as part of this maintenance work will reduce CO2 emissions at the facility by up to 700 metric tons.  There are potentially more exciting things to come in this area with our proposed Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project which, if approved, would reduce CO2 emissions at the refinery by a staggering 700,000 metric tons.  Small projects and big projects, operational improvements and major investments all play a role in keeping us on the path of continuous environmental improvement, and building a more sustainable operation.

Our current maintenance work shouldn’t cause any traffic issues or odors.  There is a possibility of some occasional noise.  Apart from that and seeing some extra workers where you might not usually see them, there should be no noticeable difference.  The refinery will be operating normally during this work.  You can keep up with work like this and read about our proposed Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project on our Shell Martinez Community Blog at You can also keep up with the refinery on Facebook at “Shell Refinery in Martinez,” or follow us on Twitter at shell_martinez.  Also, do not hesitate to call our environmental hotline at (925) 313-3777 with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions. 

As always, our aim is to complete projects like this in a way that does not impact the community.  Please let us know if we fall short of that goal.

-          Steve