I have always worked in the energy sector and have had a long-term interest in environmental issues. My earliest experience in this area was through an article in our school science magazine on the destruction of the ozone layer (when the link with CFCs had only just been established).

After graduating as a chemical engineer, I started my working life as a refinery engineer in Australia during another period of very high oil prices when energy efficiency was paramount. I then spent a period in the Netherlands, before returning to Australia to become involved with another side of the oil industry, energy economics and supply. This led to a move to London as an oil trader for Shell followed by a time managing the global trading and chartering of Shell’s crude oil tanker fleet. In 2001 I took up my current role and haven’t looked back since.

I combine my work as Chief Climate Change Adviser for Shell, with my responsibilities as a Board Member (and former Chair) for the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and Washington based think-tank C2ES. I also work closely with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and have been a lead contributor to many of its energy and climate change publications.

In 2014 this blog grew into an e-book, which was published just prior to the UN Climate Summit in New York. The book is available on Amazon, here (or in the USA, here).

Putting the Genie Back

I currently work as Chief Climate Change Adviser at Shell International Ltd. The views expressed in this blog and related publications are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of Shell.